Ikea Haul pt. 1

When the going gets tough (and frugal) you go to IKEA.  I needed a few pieces to accessorize my space with yet, I was not willing to spend a ton of money to do so.  IKEA is one of those mega gems for discovering sleek and chic accessories due to their DNA being branded in Scandinavian minimalism and with reasonable prices, it is a great place to to add layers to your space with zero guilt if you decide that in a year or two you are ready for to refresh!  I was pleasantly surprised to find some elegantly, chic white vases that I plan to decorate my bookshelf with as well as a few vintage inspired tumblers to add to my actual vintage decanters I had purchased several years ago!  No before or after photos just yet but, take a look below at my mini haul.

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  1. RENS sheepkin, white
  2. SALONG Vases (sold separately)
  3. MUSKOT plant pot
  4. RASERA whiskey glass
  5. FASCINERA chopping board
  6. RORT spoon