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Inspired by travel, design, music and culture, Boulevard no.32 is a city guide + community space exploring the people, the places and the things that make the pot melt.  Boulevard no.32 is also a personal travel diary, embracing the idea of solo travel and sharing these exhilarating journeys.  Here, I aim to curate city guides where you feel “all eyes aren’t on you” but rather a place to meet new people, discover new places and be inspired along the way.

About Alquista Ryans


Hello! I am a lover of random excursions and interior design.  I am also a solo traveler and embody the idea of #EmbraceYourSolo because there is so much to discover both visually and personally when you allow yourself to let go and get lost in the crowd…alone!  This is my platform to share with you both the beautiful spaces and places that inspire me as well as the people I get to connect with along the way…enjoy!

California Born and Bred

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