When the idea to visit Merida came to mind, I had plans of visiting cavernous cenotes, haciendas beautiful and weathered, maybe even explore the history of the Yucatán via a pyramid. Oh, and per usual, eating an abundance of food! What I didn’t expect when I arrived was that I would be over it before the trip even begun and no, it had nothing to do with the “safest city in Mexico” but more or less I was simply exhausted! Long and tiresome commutes to work had finally caught up with me and my body craved nothing but rest. The afternoon heat in Merida was added fuel to my exhaustion and I felt bad that I wasn’t taking this city in.

But a full recovery came from a brief yet blissful stay at a beautiful b&b located about an hour outside of Merida. Galopina Casa Silvestre was discovered by, you guessed it, Instagram via a Mexican photographer who I’ve become enamored by due to his work and his travels throughout Mexico.

Getting to Galopina was easy thanks to the host scheduling a driver to take me to and from the property. The drive was smooth, the scene lush and upon ascending to the property, the roads became narrow…smooth payment turning into shaky graveled and windy backroads. But once the journey ended, and you live made it to the property, you enter into the warmth of a dining room adjoined by a kitchen and small living room. The decor inviting and complimentary with wood furniture that looked as if it told a beautiful and wise tale. Vintage elements intertwined with the cool, serene natural decor that will just be describe as Tulum. Clean, natural elements, stone washed walls and hammocks abound. But other than the much needed rest I was able to achieve, it was the simple yet comforting details this place offered. Home cooked meals from the hosts themselves. Dogs and cats lazy; lounging about providing the subtle yet profound message of rest! L The sounds of nature intermingled with the mellow, melodic tunes playing in the main room. While a do-over to Merida is needed, I will make sure to squeeze in another trip to Galopina and I encourage anyone else who is seeking bliss.

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