I had never stayed at an AirBNB prior to my stay in Puerto Escondido…yes, you read that correctly. I had never stayed at an AirBNB until now! I had come to discover Villa Lunaya not through the way people find hotels and accommodations nowadays but rather, taking a chance on AirBNB because I was unable to find a decent hotel for my standards through the website I usually book my hotels through. I scrolled aimlessly on the site until I quickly stopped to discover the calm beauty of Lunaya. Besides the overall aesthetics and interior that definitely defined the theme of interiors within Puerto Escondido…Wabi Sabi… the service was great as well. Communication was prompt. Check-in was easy. Recommendations were provided. But of course my number one was the beauty and stillness of this property…especially given its close proximity to the beach and the vibrancy of town of Brisas de Zicatela! Lunaya is a place you dream about returning to. And if you would like to discover more about the becomings while further taking in the beauty of this place, check it our here!

Posted by:Boulevard no.32

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