The lighter you are, the more you will receive. The darker you are, the less you will get. And in some Latin cultures, being darker or of Afro Latino/a Descent, it is looked down upon. But while in Cartagena, there was an abundance of Afro Latino/a’ walking around and I truly loved every moment!

And to think, I was second guessing my trip to the town of San Basillo De Palanque. My reasons undetermined but, I am so happy that I did because the history lesson I learned about Colombia, in particular, the Afro Latin culture highly represented throughout Colombia was so enlightening! The history of the music and how the drums were used as a guide and warning sounds for the people in the mountains. Once the drums were caught on by the masters, women would braid their hair and use that as a map. It was so great to meet the local artist of Palenque such as Kombilesa Mi, using nothing but drums and sounds for their music and introducing the world to the sounds of Palenque! And while Palanque was not the first freetown, their history is rich. A culture that is strong. And a culture that is thriving!

This amazing tour would not have been made possible without Black Legacy Experiences!

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