This is what happens when you blindly book a reservation.  I thought I was just booking a room with two beds…one for myself and one for my friend.  What I discovered upon entry far exceeded my expectations and was well worth the cost (plus the service was top notch). Hotel Casa San Agustin has been on my to go list of hotels for several years now so, booking a stay was a requirement during my time in Cartagena. And I truly wish I had booked this hotel throughout my entire stay!  I knew the property itself was beautiful, housed inside of Cartagena’s famous Walled City but, I was not expecting the room I would be staying in…a room I did not want to leave the following morning.

The morning of check out, I stayed in my room and took advantage of room service only because there was a gorgeous living room with a dining table to eat at! I looked at the time, knowing check out was soon approaching and was fully dreading it. But, I’m grateful for the stay and the accommodating and gracious staff! If Cartagena is on your list, do yourself a favor and book a stay here…you will not regret it! and gracias por todo Casa San Agustin

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