I happily clicked away booking my flight for Oaxaca and aimlessly looked at various websites and social media accounts to discover the know how’s and things to do in Oaxaca…Puerto Escondido and Oaxaca City respectfully. That was in September through early December. Mid December came rolling around and things were still going fairly well until the latest covid variant threat hit the surface, yup, Omicron! I thought to myself things will be fine because when I visited Chicago in September, the Delta variant was at an all time high as well but don’t think for one second I didn’t think about cancelling my trip! But because I was so eagerly anticipating this trip…remember, September was when I started planning and several things had already been paid for and I did not want to be left with a credit because of nerves. I continued to keep myself as safe as possibly could…not visiting people through the holiday season and only going from home to work. So far, so good until events took place such as a broken window that needed to be fixed amongst other frustrating aspects! Again, all I can do at this point is tend to the situations as best as could and try to make the best of this trip. Saturday evening I caught my red eye flight to Mexico and Sunday afternoon I was in Puerto Escondido…and now I understood why some of the articles I read said to avoid La Punta/Brisas de Zicatela area…my nerves were a wreck as I saw the boho/surfer community walk around joyfully unmasked. I wasn’t ready…clearly! Had it not been for the sanctuary of my AirBnb, I don’t know what I would have done! I slowly tried to calm myself down, making the most of this coastal town as I headed to what was the best meal I had while in Puerto Escondido at Almoraduz. The next day, which was also my last day, I decided to try my luck going to lunch at Casona Sforza, the newest addition of luxury hotel properties in the area. Luckily, I got in! While I enjoyed my shrimp tostada, I thought to myself, this was the Puerto Escondido I needed! This was the Puerto Escondido I envisioned. An off the grid, remote stay with a private beach at your disposal. Calm, serene with only a couple of guests to be seen. This is giving me reason to give Puerto Escondido a second shot so that I can embark on this off the grid journey. While I wasn’t able to recharge the way I fully wanted to, the reflection was there and there was a moral to the story because lets face it, life is full of morals to the story. We are always going to be faced with things that are out of our control, its how you handle these complicated situations and not allow it to get the best of you because once it does, you feel like there is no longer control.


Casona Sforza

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