You ever get that feeling of contentment when something just feels right! Well, the moment I stepped out of my shuttle onto the cobble streets of Oaxaca City, things just felt right. I was able to breathe deeply, through my mask of course, while feeling completely safe as I passed by the citizens also masked up. I basked in the beauty of the colorful homes, their charm still intact even though the buildings were weathered. I rose early to greet the early morning sunlight, watching it wake up the city as well. I found peace as I sat on the terraza, taking in the whispers of the wind and the birds that flew by. I was at peace in this charming city. And Oaxaca, like a lot of states in Mexico, has become known not only for their familiar pottery but also their gastronomical scene. I found myself getting out in both aspects; eating as much as I possibly could in the three days I was visiting and trying to talk myself out of buying pottery that would not make it into my carry-on (it did by the way) Oaxaca was complete day and night from what I felt while in Puerto Escondido and honestly, I’m grateful that on the final leg of my trip, this beautiful city awakened my senses and made me appreciate my trip more so. I now understand why those I have spoke with have become caught in the rapture of Oaxaca.

Casa Antonieta

Los Danzantes


Volador Coffee

Colectivo 1050

Ancestral Cocina Tradicional

Hotel Sin Nombre


El Destilado

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