The traffic was brutal coming from the O’hare airport to the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. It felt that we were never going to make it downtown and with an early dinner reservation looming, I wanted so desperately to be out of this Lyft. But what I didn’t expect once we pulled up to our hotel, made our way to our hotel bedroom to place our luggage and quickly freshen up, was the moment when I pulled open the shades to discover a magnificent view of Lake Michigan. I knew I was going to like Chicago but what I didn’t know was how quickly I would fall in love with this remarkably clean city! Walking throughout various neighborhoods, I was suddenly envisioning myself making a home in the Windy City. The friendliness of the mid-western culture making me want to lighten up my rigid California mood and be just as welcoming too. Falling in love with the beautiful architecture and the new discoveries I learned while on the architecture tours. Giving myself a pep talk that, I too could manage the cold winters of Chicago. I just really started to see myself in this city! And yes, I have been wanting a change since last year…I mean, haven’t we all in some kind of way but, never did I imagine my quick love at first sight for this city.

I also loved tasting the flavors of Chicago…one of my favorites being a simply, well made cheeseburger from Au Cheval to the more elevated cuisine of Rositer to the melt in your mouth donuts at Donut Vault! And don’t even get me started about the cocktail experience at The Aviary…I am still salivating over the Fuh-Rose Yay cocktail.

Chicago has roots. It has culture that shouldn’t be obstructed from what you may have seen or heard. There’s depth…a deeper reason for my love and appreciation for this magnificent city.

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