I have been wanting to return to Mexico City for quite some time now! I fell in love with the city the first time and wanted to experience more of the offerings of this fantastic place…the flavors; both in terms of food as well as culture. The richness in history which I was actually able to learn a lot about this go round. The vibrancy that can not be masked by smog, thunderstorms or the masks that are still to be worn due to Covid. I was happy to be back! This trip turned into more of a food and historical adventure. I made sure to have plenty of coveted restaurants reserved as well as making sure to come across local gems in the process. I was able to visit Museo Frida Khalo as well as Luis Barragan House and Studio and while my tour to the studio was in Spanish, I could still understand the depth, creativity and passion of Luis Barragan. I was able to visit the Pyramids in Teotihaucan; learning that these are actually not pyramids because the top does not end with a point such as the pyramids in Egypt. I also got a history lesson of Tlatelolco and witnessed sit-ins taking place near my hotel. Yes, Mexico City is full and I love this city every time I visit, but now to make your eyes full of the food that was eaten starting with the tasting menu at Quintonil. This restaurant opened in 2015 and has since become a good to for those wanting to experience the nuances of Mexico flavors. My friend and I sat at the bar which to me, was an experience in and of itself. To see the talented chefs creating meals, the dedication, the meticulousness of creating a beautiful plate, it was well worthwhile.

Now, not everything that I enjoyed at Quintonil is posted…you would have to experience that for yourself!

We also had lunch at Contramar well, I watched as my friend ate since I was not feeling well that day but the way he mmm’d after every bite, I regret that I was unable to experience the food as well. I’m glad I was able to go to Cala before it closed, which is owned by the same owner, Gabriela Camara so, I know why the mmm’s were the way they were.

We had dinner at Elly’s, a newer restaurant created with Mexico City and New York in mind…literally! This restaurant is a partnership of the two cities providing a fare that is a little Italian, a little Meditterean and always fresh! The space itself is one to be in awe of! Tucked away in the neighborhood of Juarez, you walk in to intimate darkness and are led to a dining room made for indulgence of both food, engagement and music as there is a massive record collection and stereo system adorned on the wall. With the option of sitting inside or in a covered outdoor space where you once again can take in the chef’s working their magic against a splash a bubblegum pink terrazzo tile, it’s definitely a cool space to be in!

And there was also dinner at Maximo Bistro which has since moved to a new location since the last time I had went to the restaurant. The space is indeed larger and modern but still gave touches of home that was found in the older space and the food was still amazing!

But one of the best discoveries that was referred to us was a local breakfast spot in Colonia Roma called Lalo and let me just tell you, you have not had a pancake until you’ve had the pancakes at Lalo!

And of course there were tacos and churros because one does not go to Mexico without having tacos or the “line out the door” churros at Churreria El Moro!

We also ate at Fifty Mils located in the Four Seasons hotel as well drinks at a restaurant we found ourselves gravitated to because of the beautiful staircase but was told by our guide during our pyramid tour that the food is just as good and that was Finco. We wanted to check out Carajillo but, time did not allow. There were also a few bars I wanted to experience but, i’ll save that sharing for my next trip. Well, I hope you are now hungry and properly planning your trip to Mexico City!

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