I don’t know what it is about Hawaii but I automatically get Maluma’s Hawai song trapped in my head! It’s catchy. It’s a vibe. It makes you want to do a nice little two step when it comes on. But it wasn’t the song that had me shimmying at the table but rather the delicious food that I ate while in Maui. With only one reservation in place, we managed to make it in to two of Maui’s “you need to visit this restaurant when you’re in Maui” restaurants.

The first was the Monkeypod Kitchen. We came for the Mai Tai’s and went back for more Mai Tai’s because they were honestly that good!

I don’t know how we managed to get into the next spot but, we managed to find seating for three at the bar at Mama’s Fish House located in the North Shore of Maui. This establishment is one that you would definitely need to book reservations well in advance or you will just be enjoying your food to go. They are known for their stuff Kanapachi and not to sound cliche but, I was stuffed after eating it. But besides the food, North Shore is such a beautiful place to go to and according to our Uber driver, Paia is one of those small, untouched by resorts and hotel hippy towns that those who could afford to do so, escaped to live a life of leisure and surfing…I’m honestly not mad at that!

Next was a tricky but we managed to secure a reservation at the newest restaurant Lineage just a few short steps away from the many resorts located in Wailiea. I think it is safe to say that the garlic noodles were the highlight of the meal but, everything was very tasty as well! I’m sad I was unable to try any shaved ice or the infamous shrimps that Hawaii is known for but, there will definitely be a next time to explore and taste my way around the beautiful island of Hawaii!

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