As I looked at the view one final time from my window, I was slowly filled with sadness, the type of sadness I usually feel when leaving a vacation that my soul so desperately needed. I wasn’t ready to walk away from this beautiful island just yet. I felt that there was more for me to see. More healing intermingled with laughter that needed to be done but unfortunately, I had to take what I could at this point because my vacation was officially coming to an end once I shut the door to my hotel room.

My trip to Hawaii wasn’t that of a typical first trip to Hawaii. Other than a luau that I probably could’ve done without, this trip was filled with sun, laughter, one too many Mai Tai’s and not a single adventure in sight other than a few hours spent in Paia to enjoy Mama’s Fish House. This trip to Maui was to celebrate a friends birthday and I was grateful for the escapism. We bathed in the sun, washed away the tension in the ocean and soothe the aches and pains that life often brings with laughter…lots and lots of laughter! I honestly don’t know what has taken me so long to visit Hawaii, possibly because I didn’t know how much I enjoyed escaping to paradise until my mid thirties but, I was happy to be welcomed by this island to escape into the blue while taking off the blues.

Make sure to check out Catch for my restaurant guides…Mahalo!

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