When you can’t go to France, you go to the next best option which is Napa and that’s exactly where I spent my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Being that I’ve never indulged myself in the entire Napa Valley experience, I decided to book a room at the North Block hotel, a quaint and calming boutique hotel located in Yountville, steps away from some of the most renowned restaurants (cough, cough French Laundry). I have yet to fulfill my French Laundry dreams but, I was able to have a wonderful dinner at Press and I am still salivating over the truffle cornbread!

The next day on my actual birthday, I grabbed a quick breakfast at Bouchon and then for lunch, enjoyed the views and the food at the Bistro at Auberge du Soleil! I opted out of doing wine tasting this time around mainly because most of the wineries I would have liked to visit were sadly closed on the days I was visiting but, I found a nice wine merchant selling probably the best Rose I have ever had! While I would’ve loved to be celebrating a milestone birthday in the South of France, I am grateful for another year around the sun having celebrate it with dear friends and family. I am grateful to have the beauty of Napa Valley right in my backyard as a quick escape when I couldn’t figure out exactly where to go do to limitations. I am eager to see what the next journey will bring (stay very very tuned for that one) and just grateful to still be blessed with a great job that allows me these opportunities to indulge my senses and tastebuds with good travel and great food (and obviously a roof over my head) – Grateful

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