I don’t even know where to begin with this but, I will say that I can’t believe it has been one year since shelter in place took place in the Bay Area!  Never would I ever believe I would be convinied to my apartment for an extended period of time (I lost count after 76 days) due to Covid-19.  Secondly, I can’t believe I am finally getting back to travelng again but, this trip did not come easy so, strap on your seatbelt and enjoy this very tumutoulous journey of traveling in the times of Covid-19.

What started as a trip to Mexico City and Oaxaca quickly changed as I begin to read articles in regards to the carelessness in travel happening in certain parts of Mexico.  While I do feel like Mexico should’ve definitely tightened up their travel restrictions the way Hawaii did. I don’t blame them for still allowing US Citizens into their country but, it definitely turned me off during the short period hearing about all that was happening and then to further see Mexico being flagged as red…my nerves kicked in!  I was extremely dissapointed to cancel my trip because I absolutely love Mexico City and was excited about visiting Oaxaca but, the timing of it all just didn’t feel right.  Queue Hawaii as my next choice to travel.  I decided on Hawaii because of their restrictions that they had in place and as someone who has been ever so safe throughout all of 2020 (and continues to be safe) I felt this was the better choice for me to getaway to.  I had a friend who had recently went to Hawaii with her family and she said their trip went great.  But after thoughtful planning, because there is a lot of planning involved in order to visit Hawaii, my dream of a relaxing vacation became more stressful before the trip even begun!  Downloading apps, filling out applications, hell, even figuring out what the hell was I to do once I landed, became daunting so, Hawaii got cancelled and Arizona was looking bright!  I’m sure you can now probably figure out what happened with Arizona…yeah, my light dimmed on that trip as well because of two factors a) as a citizen in the state of California, if I were to travel outside of my state, I would have to quarantine upon my arrival back home and yes, I could have done so but then I was reading on states not adhering to the mask mandates and well, Arizona was on that list.  So, this California girl decided to stick with California and go to a destination that always makes me feel at ease and that’s Palm Springs!  And coincidentally I happen to go at the start of Desert X which, I wasn’t originally planning on visiting but, when in Rome…
My airport journey was interesting since it was my first time traveling in over a year!  There were certainly things that I questioned but at this moment, I am focusing on the escape my soul was longing for!  
I managed to check out a couple of art installations at Desert X; Nicholas Galanin’s Never Forget being the one I cherished the most.  I headed to my stay at Holiday House ready for two days of absolute nothingness.   I felt a sense of ease as I was guided to my room, for which I had discovered upon arrival, had been upgraded to a suite equipped with my own private patio.  And I was forever grateful for that private patio as well because it was were I spent the majority of my time!  I dined there.  I read a book and scrolled aimlessly on Instagram there.  I enjoyed the solitude of it all that lounging poolside would not provide yet, I did spend a moments time socially distanced by the pool…allowing the warmth of the sun and the mellow tunes from hidden speakers to further put me at ease. And while I’m on the subject of Holiday House (which I would highly recommend) I loved the unpretentiousness of this establishment that can often times be felt at other hotels in Palm Springs.  The vibe was extremely chill and opening.  I felt comfortable here both physically and mentally.  An impromptu solo hike at Tahquitz Canyon was another remarkable fete of mine.  Never had I hiked solo and it just felt rewarding to get lost in nature on my own while also seeing the other amazing places that Palm Springs has to offer!   Had I known all it would have took was a much needed trip to make me feel normal, I would have done so a while ago.  And yes, the fact that people are able to get vaccinated is another relief but, my mental health was screaming, “Thank You, Thank You” for this trip!
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