It’s crazy to think that a year ago I was wine tasting in Porto.  A few moths ago, I was heading to Napa with my sister so she could pick up her monthly wine from a winery she has a membership to followed by enjoying the rest of our day basking in the sun and breeze while sipping on Sauvignon Blanc’s and Red Blends.  And it always seems like a proper day of wine tasting, no matter where I am…be it a winery or a chill wine bar in the city, always ends with a delicious meal at a restaurant I’ve been coveting or one that’s good to go back a second (or third or fourth) time.  To say I am missing all of the above would be an understatement!

I thought my ventures to wineries and being selective with my grocery store bought wines had evolved me as some sort of wine elitist but I really evolved during the times of Covid-19!  I longed for wines I could not get my hands on at your local grocery store and wanted something new to try after lusting over the selections I would discover on Instagram which led be to start buying wine online!  I discovered that there is more to wine than just your reds, whites and roses but a vast variety that had my eyes wide and my tastebuds ready and curious, like Remy in Ratatouille.  I have been exploring more skin contact wines better known as orange wine to unfiltered wines and Pettilant Natural wines or in layman’s terms, Pet Nat.  I have a list of wines I am not able to get a hold of which I have saved in my Vivino app for future reference as well.  One of the things I have loved about this discovery is obviously the nice collections of wine I have been curating but more so that I have become a fan of Pet Nat!  I find that this wine is the perfect companion for your greasy yet oh so delightful foods, you know, a good cheeseburger and fries.  That perfect slice of pizza dripping with oil and the tang of the sauce hitting your tastebuds in the right way.  Foods that would normally require a beer but you wouldn’t necessarily want to have it with say, Prosecco either because that would be just a tad bit bougie.  I’ve only tried a few Pet Nat’s so far but one I have been surprisingly enjoying is the Rose Pet Nat by Field Recordings.  Once I got pass the wheat-y almost cider taste of it and let effervescence kick in, it has become a favorite!  Sgass is also another one I have been enjoying, a bit pricier than Field Recordings and harder for me to come by but it’s definitely a winner and I can’t wait to share it with friends once the time comes that I can be social.

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With my exploration of wines comes me exploring my culinary skills in the kitchen.  After 3 weeks of indulging in nothing but comfort foods; because I honestly didn’t and couldn’t understand this crazy nightmare that I was living in, I found I had enough greasy foods and seeing people get creative on Instagram, I figured I would do the same!  I wanted dishes that took hours to make (because let’s be honest, we have the time)  I explored simple yet keep your eye on it constantly fish dishes, took a trip to Mexico with recipes from Gabriela Camara’s My Mexico City Kitchen Cookbook I’ve made olive oil orange cake (take that banana bread) and plan on making focaccia now that I finally got my hand on some active yeast!  I’ve fallen in love with herbs to the point that I am planning on creating an herb garden.  And I was gifted an Afghan cookbook for my birthday and can not wait to try my hand at some of those dishes.  I’ve watched plenty of Instagram Live interviews surrounding chefs and the culinary world, read interviews and while my heart aches for what will become of restuarant business, I am staying optimistic because if anyone knows about bouncing back while working in a service industry, I definitely know and I know the restaurant businesses and wineries, chefs and waiters, busboys/girls and every other circuit of the food industry will bounce back!   We’ve got this and I can’t wait for the days when my palette can be satisfy and I get to connect with the humans that keep our love for food alive!  Until then, I will continue to pretend I am a Top Chef!

Please continue to Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!  Besos

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