Originally I had plans to write a post about reconnecting to a city I once loved but now I’m realizing we are going to all have to learn how to reconnect; whether it be in our social space, our work space, our partners, the things that bring us the upmost joy: travel, dining out, concerts and other social aspects.  Will we ever learn how to reconnect at a distance closer than six feet?  Will we be able to reconnect past six feet?  Will we suddenly feel sheltered and feel a fear to even step back into our regular routines?  This is a crazy time (I don’t want to say scary because when I think of being scared, I think of fear and I for one do not want to live my life in fear) but man, it’s crazy!  I am trying my best to remain calm throughout all of this although when it was first announced on Monday that the Bay Area would be mandating a shelter in home for 7 counties in the Bay Area, I did panic and that panic caused me to well, you guess it, start over thinking.  But, staying calm and doing my part of staying indoors is my mission and it should be for the rest of you!

What has been running through my mind daily is the state of travel.  I’ve already had to cancel a trip and have a trip be postponed next month due to Covid-19.  I also have a trip planned for the end of May and I am mentally preparing myself for what the airports will be like during this time because history does repeat itself.  What I don’t want to happen is stop traveling.  Travel exposes me to newness, it allows me to reflect on myself in ways that I may not have at home.  It sparks joy lol!  I think we will all get past this in due time and because I no have time, I’m using this to focus more on the things I quite frankly have put off doing.  I will probably tap in to share more thoughts but I would definitely love to hear about you all are handling being lock down/quarantined/sheltered in…whichever way you want to describe it as.

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