Warning…if you are currently craving something delicious, this is the post for you…you’ve been warned!

The month of July has been nothing short of incredible restaurant adventures and trying new rooftop bars that have been popping up around San Francisco (and surprisingly enough, I’ve taken a liking to) and being that I haven’t found the time to post (probably because my mouth has been stuffed and stomach full of food) I figured, it’s now or never!

First up is Cala, I found myself here the week of the 4th of July and discovered they have a curated taco bar that they sell in the alley behind the restaurant.  I figured, what a great way to finally try Cala since I wasn’t sure when I was going to make it there for dinner or find my way back to Mexico City to try the original restaurant Contramar.  Weeks later, I did find myself back for dinner with friends and all I can say is the Rockfish a la talla was absolutely amazing and if we could have had it our way, we would’ve preferred the red sauce on the entirety of the fish…it was that good!  One word that I would use to describe Cala is refreshing!


Next up is Rich Table, a restaurant I only came to discover from passing by and seeing a massive gathering out front!  My curiosity of course got the best of me and I knew that I needed to check this place out.  Rich Table definitely provides a quaint, warm and friendly atmosphere with cozy wooden banquet seating and a feeling the gives you a rustic vibe as if you should be further up north in Healdsburg as opposed to San Francisco.  I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the menu, with offerings of pasta to latin fare but despite my confusion, the flavors did not disappoint especially when it came to the dessert menu, specifically the peaches and cream (which I would not share!)  I would definitely give this establishment a try!


As I mentioned, July has been nothing short of great eats and somewhere that I was finally able to try was Kokkari!  One would be foolish not to go to Kokkari once, or twice or several times for that matter.  I’m anticipating my return so that I may try some more items on the menu as well as their Saghanki.  And if you found your way in the South Bay, you must try Luna Mexican Kitchen in San Jose and please, do not deny yourself the parrillada grill!

And because we are all in need of a nice rooftop bar to chill, which seems to be troublesome in San Francisco, I do recommend Everdene at the newly Virgin Hotels.  This spot is convenient, offers a nice view of San Francisco and the great vibe!


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