The first time I heard about Dyafa from an article in San Francisco magazine stating it as a must have restaurant to go to for a cocktail…so immediately I bookmarked it, knowing that both my curiosty and tastebuds would lead me to this spot!  A few weeks later, a friend of mine ask me what I was doing one Saturday evening and with no plans, she asked if I wanted to go to Dyafa.  She had already been and apparently the hummus kawarma had her needing to rush back for more…and I suddenly knew why!  A simple hummus dish of charred, chopped lamb, seasoned to perfection will have anyone wanting to return back to this restaurant; located in Oakland’s Jack London Square… a neighborhood that in the past (and even now) lacks much livelihood but like most neighborhoods in Oakland, buisinesses and corporations are taking advantage of this “New Oakland”


I’ve definitely become an instant fan and have found myself returning back to the restaurant within a short time span, which speaks volumes so, I’ll just leave you with this sampler!

Dyafa 44 Webster Street Oakland, CA 94607

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