P1010697P1010699P1010701P1010703A last minute trip to Los Cabos may seem a little frightening to some but for me, it was critical to my well being!  I was dealing with a lot of personal issues so when my sister mentioned her trip to Cabo, I happily invited myself along (yes, invited myself along)  Los Cabos is a rather sleepy town when you are away from Vegas by the beach aka Cabo San Lucas (which I can do without) and with the lack of Wifi, bad reception and beaches and pools to keep you company, it makes for the perfect reprieve for recharging yourself!  I found myself drinking less and reading more, living in the moment but it wasn’t until my final day in Los Cabos when I decided to break free from my family and plan an overnight stay in San Jose del Cabo at Hotel El Ganzo that I discovered that I actually enjoy traveling with others!  I have praised myself for traveling alone and I have pretty much done a lot of solo adventures in my life, but once my beautiful lunch at Acre ended and I had enough sun at the rooftop pool at El Ganzo, I found that loneliness is a bitch!   Now, where does the recharge part fit into all of this…besides the much needed break for my mental and physical self, I was able to discover things about me that I was avoiding or rather, feeling that I could do bad by myself when in actuality I can not…no one can!  If you are blessed to have the opportunity to share moments with others, DO IT!!! We all need to hit that recharge button and there is no better way to do it then with good company and great food…I’m just saying!


All photos by Alquista Ryans.  Do not use photos without permission

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