Whoever was the creative and imaginative mind behind the set-up of Glossier’s San Francisco pop-up shop located inside of Rhea’s Cafe, I applaud you!  The cafe has been transformed into a small space of wonders where apothecary jars are filled with balm dot calm and candy jars filled with, well, mini candies!  You are also able to curb your appetite from the delicious options at Rhea’s Cafe!   The real treat of all is being able to test the products because beauty and skin care enthusiasts who are familiar with this online retailer know that testing the product before purchase is not an option but being that Glossier is a brand that values their products, one will always be satisfied!   For all of the Glossier fans (or just fans of transformative spaces) do yourself a favor and head to the pop-up shop before it ends this Sunday April 15!P1010607P1010598P1010600P1010601P1010603P1010606P1010597

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