I woke up this morning reminiscing on some of the fantastic and beautiful hotels I have stayed at and not only did it have me thinking that I am in desperate need of a vacation but, I would love to share the what and why’s of what makes these hotel so special…The Ludlow Hotel …aww The Ludlow…a place that many social media influencers frequent and quite honestly my reasoning for wanting to stay here as well and this hotel definitely held up to its status.  Hospitable…check!  Cool vibes…check!  Close proximity to some of NYC must explore neighborhoods…check!  I would definitely say The Ludlow Hotel is a gem of a hotel if you love being in the mix of things…from the will fill up in two point five seconds bar at The Lobby Lounge (located inside the hotel) to the bustle of The Lower East Side as well as a short distance to Soho and Brooklyn…The Ludlow Hotel possesses charm and endless possibilities and will definitely be my go to hotel when I visit New York!P1000639P1000640P1000644

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