6 AM came I couldn’t force myself to fight with the snooze button, I mean, it was my day off for goodness sake so, I relieved myself of the nine minute intervals of my alarm going off and shut it down completly!  By 8 AM, I was slowly rising.  By 8:30 I had checked most of my Instagram feed and by 9, I was ready to take on my adventure but suddenly filled with regret that I didn’t wake up at 6 to stick with my original plan because it was devastatingly gorgeous outside!  Forget it, Palo Alto had been on my mind lately so, off to the Cantor Arts Center to fuel myself with art and caffeine followed by sunsets in Oakland.P101038291C07B77-7A8E-43A5-AD9A-D84AF33245AD (1)P1010388P1010390P1010392P1010394P1010393P1010399P1010402P1010403P1010411P1010412P1010413P1010420All photos by Alquista Ryans.  Please do not use photos without permission

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