Like most years, there will be highs and lows…2017 wasn’t any different and neither will the years to come but, it’s how we take and challenge the new calendar year that makes the difference!

Ironically enough, I’m ending the new year how I begun it which was at the place I feel the most connected to, the beach! I feel good about what 2018 has to offer because I know this time around, I will be manifest my short list of goals but most importantly, I am committed to seeing it flourish!

As I end my final post for 2017, for those that are all about the “new year, new me” resolutions don’t happen just because we write them on a piece of paper!  You need to work hard and stay committed to make that shit work!  Trust me, I will be practicing what I preach and keeping a journal to keep me on track as well!

Here’s to the New Year…blessings to you all and thanks for continuing to stick with me on this ride of travel and pouring my soul out when needed be!


Mr. Banh Mi


All photos, unless otherwise mentioned, are by Alquista Ryans.  Please do not use photos without permission

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