Don’t worry, there’s music that will follow this brief statement which is about attending concerts solo!  It’s only right that I talk about this since my whole motto is about #EmbraceYourSolo but I can understand why going to a show (or traveling, or dining alone or even going to the movies alone) can be a bit intimidating!  For one, your entering by yourself and God forbid there’s no general admission so you’re then forced to sit alone, idly fucking around with your phone like you have important business (or is that just me) until the show starts!  My biggest, “Dammit, I wish there was someone with me” is when I need to go to the restroom when I do opt for the general admission ticket because there is nothing worse then losing a prime spot of the artist you been dying to see due to a weak bladder!  Nevertheless, my answer for those that have felt a little uneasy attending a concert solo, JUST DO IT!!! At the end of the day, it’s about the music not the social engagement but surprisingly enough, people will chat you up and vice versa when you are alone as oppose to when you have an entourage.  So, with all that said, here is a list of some favorite songs based off of concerts I attended alone!  Number one is a particularly sweet one as it is the last show I attended this year and a band I have been wanting to see since the stone ages…ok, maybe not the stone ages but you get the gist!


And alas, I’m finally putting my Spotify to good use!  Yay me…go ahead and follow but please be reminded, this will be updated every month!

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