2017 started on a high but was quickly shifting back to a low.  I was in need of new discoveries, new inspiration and a desperate need of new scenery but I needed to be mindful about the way my money was being spent and could no longer afford the luxuries of carelessly booking a trip somewhere!  While I feel like I know San Francisco like the back of my hand, there are certain neighborhoods in the city that transport me to another place…case in point, Chinatown!  A neighborhood still rich in culture with the majority of tourist only becoming enamored with the quinesstential red lanterns that adorn the streets and not the everyday hustle of vendors and people going about their day-to-day lives!   I first noticed the bustle of Chinatown while I was on the Muni bus heading to Union street a few years ago and quickly had to jump off the bus to get a better feel!  I don’t make it a point to come to Chinatown often but, yesterday I was in need of feeling like I travelled further than the short distance it actually took to get here plus I had an insane craving for some dim sum at Good Monk Kok Bakery I think it is truly important to know your own backyard and San Francisco never fails to disappoint, from the everyday going on’s to the amazing cuisine the city has to offer!P1010208P1010215P1010223P1010221P1010230P1010218P1010219P1010220P1010228P1010197All photos, unless otherwise stated, are by Alquista Ryans.  Please do not use phots without permission.

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