One of the things that I am missing about Los Angeles is the accessibility to some really great women’s events…The WW Club, Create & Cultivate, Jig+Saw as well as pop-up events at boutiques!  It was diverse, highlighting careers in fashion, media and various other creative avenues plus it was a great way to connect with like-minded individuals.  Being back in the Bay Area, I have yet to find any of that…yet!  Most events that I have come across are more tech driven which is great for those in the tech world or it’s just socially limiting.  Because of this, I haven’t had the drive to get out and network as much as I should have since moving back (and I can honestly say I have gotten way too comfortable being within the confines of my comfort zone) but, I do feel that I need to begin.  While this Sunday wasn’t exactly slow, it did inspire my mind by getting out and doing the things that I enjoy doing; such as a random trip to the museum, but it also got me thinking that maybe trying something new wouldn’t be such a bad thing (as well as other projects that are brewing up but, you have to stay tuned for that!) So with all that said, get out, break free of your comfort zone and inspire your mind in ways you’ve never even imagined!P1010126P1010135P1010140P1010147P1010148P1010154P1010152P1010149P1010160P1010156

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