When the weather peaks 90 degrees in late October, one can only think of a way to combat the heat and stay cool!  My day started off optimistically but I am also a little bit stressed at the moment and because I didn’t want to immediately rush home after the morning errands I had accomplished, I decided to head away from suburbia and into city life!  I started my early afternoon in San Francisco (more of that to come) and while I would’ve enjoyed more time spent in the city, I have found that the city is not desirable to walk around in when it is hot!  After my early afternoon excursion, I headed back to the East Bay to make a pit stop at a new taproom I have recently come to learn of (thanks Instagram) because an afternoon libation is key when dealing with global warming!  Rose’s Taproom is unlike any other taproom I have been to!  Gone are the dark woods and saloon esque vibe only to be welcome with pastel hues and late 80’s Miami art deco design.  The space is vibrant and alive with plants greeting you from every little corner and with only a small selection of “backyard brewery” it makes it easy to enjoy the curated selection while also enjoying the light bites they offer.  Rose’s Taproom is a refreshing spot to enjoy a refreshing beverage, a place I will definitely be making my way back to!

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