The first time I tried Tartine Manufactory, it was an in and out experience.  I purchase my ham and cheese croissant and an almond milk latte and was quickly out the door to rush to work!  The second time I visited Tartine; which was earlier this week, I took my time with it.  It was 8:15 in the morning, I requested a table already knowing what I was going to order, and took it all in.  Bakers baking fresh bread that filled the restaurant with fragrant smells.  The restaurant practically empty with a few tables of doubles quietly chatting as they noshed on their breakfast while the remainder of the tables were solo; such as myself, busying themselves with emails or simply enjoying a morning paper.  My coddled eggs with za’tar toast arrived just as the restaurant slowly begin to fill up and I took in the activity going on as well as the plates that were being set at each table until I realized it was time to finish up my breakfast and head to work (such is life) but I didn’t make a quick exit like the first time…and here comes the experience!  I discovered Heath Ceramics adjacent to Tartine Manfactory where it is a pleasure to buy some of the minimalistic ceramics as it is to watch the creators create!  There is also Heath Bookstore if you are looking for a suitably curated magazine collection that you won’t find at your typical grocery store check out!  The next day (yes, the next day) I was back for more and while it was only 10AM, the restaurant was already buzzing with guest waiting to be seated with eager looks of anticipation on their faces.  I had to enjoy my meal at the bar but the feeling remained the same.  So while most may come for the food, it is the experience that is the major take away when visiting this San Francisco go to!P1010028P1010034IMG_0789





All images by Alquista Ryans.  Please do not use images without permission

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