I figure I switch it up for my monthly playlist and provide you with music AND Instagram accounts that inspire me on a daily due to its content.

1. The brainchild behind one of my favorite publications, Cereal Magazine Rich Stapleton better known by his Instagram handle rvstapleton provides an endless supply of beautiful photos in dreamy destinations that are quite attainable to the everyday human being i.e me lol!  And while you’re at it, check out his better half as well rosaliapark



2. All the way from Berlin/Milan is Ilenia Martini bka ilemartini.  Her niche is interiors, design and travel and just like Rich Stapelton, she provides some inspiring photos…simplistic yet captivating.  I also love her twist on Instagram Stories which, you will have to follow her to find out!



3.  For a much needed fashion fix, I turn to the desirable Diamond Mahone!  What I like most about her style is that it’s fresh, innovative and it’s not the typical “I’m a fashion blogger, check me out in my newest pair of Gucci” fashion and yes, that was slight shade to some of these bloggers.  She has a look that is her own and mostly infused from vintage finds and I’m always ready for what she has to bring!

FullSizeRender-9You should definitely take a listen to Moses Sumney’s latest album Aromanticism in its full entirety but definetly add Don’t Bother Calling to your playlist!


4. Because who doesn’t scroll through their phone, oogling the countless amount of food pages and just wishing they can have what their favorite Instagrammer is having!  That’s my case when it comes to yungbludlau or Alex Lau if we are referring to him by his government name.  A staff photographer at Bon Appetit magazine (can we say jealous) and has a clever use for geotags!

FullSizeRender-5 copy


5. And last, (yes, only five songs this go round) will be Gabriel Flores.  Not one to post constantly but when he does, do pay attention!  His photos are breathtaking, using mother nature as a constant backdrop for his photos!  I’m always excited when a new photo of his pops up on my feed!


All photos were used from respected Instagram accounts


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