Where do you look for inspiration when you feel lost?  Do you take an endless drive, getting lost along the road allowing only the change of scenery to be your guide?  Do you find comfort in meeting new people, hoping an unknown story will pique new interest?  Do you meditate and hope the powers of crystals and manifestation will all fall into place?  Today, I needed to be inspired.  I had a troubling yet awakening moment last night and that’s that I have been single for four years now (yes, you read that correctly) and have been lying to myself about finding myself (you know, this is what people preach to you a thousand times, be alone so that you can rediscover you) and while I did better myself in some areas, I still haven’t accomplished any of the goals I have set out for myself.  Case in point, the yoga classes I always want to take but never do.  The dance class I attempted all of two times and never went back to and my writing, not blogging but my actual writing that I have let slip away yet constantly dream about the collection of short stories I want to complete…I can just feel the little book in my hands!P1000949P1000951P1000960Since it was late summer in San Francisco, I felt the need to venture off to one of my favorite destinations in the city, Sutro Bath/Lands End.  I don’t know what it is about this now popular tourist destination; maybe its the history of Sutro Baths, the beauty of nature engulfing me, walking along the trails to discover The Golden Gate Bridge in the distant.  I definitely enjoy looking out unto the vast Pacific Ocean; watching the rhythm of the waves and hearing the ocean sounds is nothing more than soothing and comforting.  I hope by reconnecting with one of my favorite spots, I will get my mojo back but what I won’t be doing is having a self pity party and look at my dreams and goals like I do for work, wake up and get shit don!  Which is exactly what was done today and man, the beauty of San Francisco…it’s enough!P1000959P1000965P1000966P1000973P1000975P1000989P1000985P1000980P1000996

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