I slowly walked up the incline to enter the ferry, eager to grab a seat outside to take in the views and become lost in the beauty of my city!  I watched the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline slowly disappear in the fog as the ferry crept further north to Sausalito; Alcatraz looked eerie as it was lost amongst Karl the Fog’s embrace.  The ocean changed from a hue of murky green to a crystal teal.  I was getting closer to Sausalito and it reminded me of the coastal town gems found in Italy; with homes layered in the hills offering nothing but views of the San Francisco Bay and sailboats parked along the dock or calmly drifting.  I yearned for this mini getaway with nothing planned other than to walk around and admire something new…a much needed escape from what was becoming a standard routine of mine of work/home/work/home.  A break that we should allow ourselves the comfort of!P1000827P1000830P1000831P1000836P1000841P1000845P1000855P1000867P1000847P1000850

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