With life becoming a blur, even as I write this, I felt that I needed to slow down a bit and start focusing on doing more of the daily things that I enjoy as opposed to trying to find the coolest spot to go just for likes (not that I’m against exploring new and cool things, time just isn’t on my side at the moment)P1000801IMG_0110-2P1000813I know I have written about my reasoning for beginning my blog in previous posts and now that I am comfortably settled back in the Bay Area, I realize that while I was in L.A, I was blogging for the right reasons but also the wrong reasons!  I would literally plan trips and restaurant excursions knowing that it wasn’t in my budget just for likes and to hopefully gain more of a following rather than continue to reside in the “under 1K club”!  Yes, we all know that social media has drastically changed over the course of the years and everyone has a blog/website and/or podcast that they are aiming to make noticeable and if you are one of those people, continue on with it especially if it is something that you are passionate about!  I feel that now that I am back home, surrounded by meaningful people in my life, I can take things slow and easy which brings me back to this post and just living life simply and enjoying small things.  Today’s Sunday was easy (and completely lazy…ok, I was fighting a hangover hence the reason to be lazy) but I did wake up and stroll my small local farmers market; picking up a few vegetables along the way for tonight’s dinner, I listened to music while I cut my freshly bought hydrangea’s and I finally got inspired by Keith Harings book (not to mention the countless street fashion I have been taking notice of due to London Fashion Week)P1000810P1000817P1000821We don’t need to live life like it’s a rat race nor should we competing with other bloggers.  Find your niche and focus on it!  Boulevard no.32 will always be about sharing my travel journeys/dairy and new discoveries but sometimes, it’s ok to live slow!

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