The film hadn’t even been developed yet, letting memories of L.A rest in my 35mm camera for a moment until I am ready to relish the time of living there.  No, my move to L.A was not one of the first but actually my third and I thought that my move back to the Bay Area a little over a month ago was going to be so hard…I thought I would miss L.A terribly but, it was the complete opposite!  I am more happier now than I have been in the longest time and I am also very content and can now focus on bigger pictures; a home, a stronger career etc.  But I will say this, if an opportunity presents itself to allow you to move to a city you are curious about or if you just felt like moving and think of a thousand excuses why you shouldn’t, turn your indecisive brain up and just do it!  Home will always be home and you can always go back!  This post was intended to be much longer and much deeper but, I’d rather save all of my thoughts for the untitled book I am working on and just share with you my day-to-day life/views since I’ve been back home because while L.A didn’t love me (teardrop) home life does!


Asha Tea House


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