Because my life isn’t constantly filled with travel but I do make the most of my time living in Los Angeles, I felt it only right to present The Dailies segment to the blog.  Now, this originated from my personal Instagram from a hashtag I would use to describe random trips (not this particular saying but…) and over the course of me having this blog, I felt that I wasn’t really allowing myself to post a lot of things that I am passionate about such as fashion, art and music.   I wanted The Dailies to represent that; both through my personal fashion and the music I listen to on my daily adventures but also the daily scenes that I come across!  Now, if you are following me on Instagram, you may have already gotten a taste of those daily scenes but, I don’t always post EVERYTHING!  Another reason for this segment is I am really trying to focus more on blogging and a little less on Instagram…it is so easy to take a pic, think of a clever caption and then upload it but not really discovering the mood behind the photo taken!  This is for that and I’m still unsure of whether or not this is going to be a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly segment but what I do know is even though you may have started your blog to be one thing, you can still incorporate aspects that fit within the theme!  Share your thoughts, I love to read them!P1000614P1000615P1000618P1000620P1000621P1000623P1000633P1000628P1000634P1000629P1000636P1000638Fun fact: As I was taking this photo, a young dapper gentleman from NYC approached me to let me know how nice I was dressed and that I was beautiful…call me gullible but for the year and a half I’ve been living in L.A that has never happened…makes me think dressing lady like instead of tomboy chic has its perks!

All photos unless otherwise stated are by Alquista Ryans.  Please do not use photos with persmission


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