“That spread of sparkling lights is so fabulous – I feel like a tourist when I fly back because I take pictures of that view every single time during that loop the airplane makes in the sky before landing”

It’s not always about a favorite spot to go in the city but often how the city you live in inspires you!  From the changes of scenery on a drive to work to the luminescent skyline flying back into Los Angeles.  A creative with an Instagram that is loud yet quiet; Anna Victor takes us on a Guided By tour of her L.A spots while giving us an insight to why you should just “do you”!

What are your top five places to go in L.A and why, if any reason?IMG_3009IMG_30161. Sonoratown in DTLA because they make the best tacos ever and Jen the co-owner is super sweet 🙂P10005902. LACMA but more specifically the Ahmanson building on the 2nd floor where the “White Center” by Mark Rothko lives.  It is magic!

Image via Goldstar

3. Any music venue –The United Artists Theatre at the Ace downtown is a favorite.  I love the architecture and they have cool bathrooms.IMG_76914. The sky flying into LAX at night.  That spread of sparkling lights is so fabulous – I feel like a tourist when I fly back because I take pictures of that view every single time during that loop the airplane makes in the sky before landing.  The overall configuration of the city fro above is just the coolest.P1000556P1000609P1000579IMG_16805. The streets.  I change up my routes from my apartment to work frequently because the drive from Mid-City to Downtown is so diverse.  I will be driving through a mansion filled neighborhood one minute, then I end up in Koreatown, then I go through a predominatntly Hispanic part of town and then I am downtown driving past Skid Row…The cityscape changes so drastically multiple times on that 8 mile drive.  The signage is in different languages, the architecture changes, the wall art and general art is wild.  I always notice something new.

Your favorite spot to visit two hours outside L.A?P1000354P1000372P1000346It’s a tie:

Ojai.  I usually start at Meditation Mount, then go by Hip Vegan (although I am not vegan) and I always hit up Bart’s Books for something new or something old.IMG_2533Joshua Tree because the changing landscapes there are wild and it is SO quiet it almost freaks me out.

I love your Instagram feed!  It’s artistic, it has a sense of ambiguity that makes you want to know “who is this person” did you plan to start your IG like that or was it just natural?

It was natural I’d say.  I don’t like taking pictures of myself so much.  It just feels funny and uncomfortable.


What won’t we know about you based off of your Instagram?

I actually reveal a lot on my Instagram!  It is just in code 🙂

All three photos provided by Anna Victor

So, I know you have or had design a collection of handbags?  How did that come about and are you still designing?  

That came about when I was unemployed a while back and was trying to reconnect with what it was that I really enjoyed doing.  I ended up at a fabric store in Oakland/Berkeley and found this amazing piece of metallic gold leather.  I had to have it and figured I would find something to do with it.  I ended up making a boring square clutch with a triangle flap and hated it so, I started fucking it up by tucking it and folding it and stitching it randomly.  I then ended up liking it!  So kept making them in different colors and textures and each one was uniquely fucked up!

I haven’t made any in a while but, I am definitely itching to…

What is your recipe for style?P1000037So cliche but, just “do you” regardless of what other people are telling you the trends are.  I like to feel comfortable and natural and a little sexy – which to me means a white t-shirt, black undergarments and jeans.

All images, unless noted are by Alquista Ryans.  Please do not use photos without permission.

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