“I packed a view of my belongings.  Left the life that I was living.  Just some memories of it.  Mostly ones I can’t forget” Gnarls Barkley – St. Elsewhere

That’s exactly what was going through my mind as Highway 101 changed from intense moments of congestion to the openness of windy roads surrounded by rolling hills, lush greenery and ocean views.  I decided to visit Los Alamos, CA after recently learning about this small argicultural town from one of my favorite bloggers and also because I had never been and it was a new adventure for me!  As a California native, I have neglected a lot of the small cities and towns, often opting for the vibrancy of Los Angeles and San Francisco or it being out voted by the beautiful coastal towns of Big Sur or the desert oasis of Palm Springs.  No one is necessarily making it a point to plan a trip to the small towns squished between Los Angeles and San Francisco but I would definitley recommend planning one to Los Alamos; a sleepy town known for local wineries and breweries, surrounded by the hub which what makes California grow, the agriculture, it is the perfect place to learn more about the local farming community while enjoying some delicious, freshly made food!  I will admit, I was astonishingly surprised at how much I enjoyed taking the short walks to restaurants from my motel and how comfortable I felt in the town.  I was also shocked to see that this tiny town isn’t as under the radar as I assumed it to be because a few short hours after I had checked into my motel, the lot quickly filled up and curtains were shut tight as other guest made themselves comfortable.  One thing for sure is Los Alamos will definitely be the one place I will visit again when I just need to unwind and remove myself from the noise of city life!P1000467

SEEP1000451P1000443P1000498P1000445 STAYP1000477

The Alamo Motel

425 Bell Street Los Alamos, CA 93440                                                                          P1000425P10004701880 Union Hotel

362 Bell Street Los Alamos, CA 93440


Full of Life Flatbread

225 Bell Street Los Alamos, CA 93440P1000429P1000431Babi’s Beer Emporium

448 Bell Street Los Alamos, CA 93440P1000489P1000483P1000485P1000482Bob’s Well Bread Bakery

550 Bell Street Los Alamos, CA 93440

I highly recommend stopping by Bob’s Well Bakery…as a matter of fact, you really have no excuse not to stop by this local establishment.  Purchase some of their freshly made breads, pastries and pre-made sandwiches to go or stay for some amazing breakfast and a coffee made from Stumptown Coffee Roasters!


I don’t own a a car so, I wanted to make the most out of my rental and my road trip to Los Alamos.  I planned my itinerary to make three stops; one which I will share later, and the second place I visited was the Danish town of Solvang.  I was blown away that something like this existed in California and I feel quite ignorant not knowing that it did as a California native…but it was charming nonetheless.  I didn’t spend a great amount of time here because I felt I understood enough but, I did make it a point to pick up some local Danish pastries.  I can definitely say that the highlight of coming to Solvang was the drive there; a windy drive filled with inclines on Highway 154, open roads with a few other cars passing by on the opposite side of the road.  P1000381P1000382P1000384P1000392P1000389P1000509P1000502P1000507P1000511P1000512Folded Hills Farm

2323 Old Coast Hwy. Gaviota, CA 93117

While I did not have the pleasure of actually stepping inside of this establishment as they weren’t opened yet, I was happy to have learned about this local farm.  I think the last time I actually visited a farm was during a field trip in elementary school…it was nice to revisit as an adult; watching the workers get ready for the day, the livestock roaming around in their terrain, spying rustic barns but most importantly, inhaling the fresh air and the amazing aromas of organic vegetables.

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