When selecting a hotel, we often go for the one that has the highest star ratings or the one that is completly out of our budget but we have worked hard (and saved hard) for this moment to live the life of luxury or we just take a cue from social media and see where our favorite bloggers and travel writers are staying!  I came to learn of The Alamo Motel from both social media and a travel website I frequent often!  I arrived to what seemed to be a typical run of the mill motel but this was not the Motel 6 I was used to staying at as a child.  The hotel had undergone a complete renovation, giving it a minimal yet rustic, retro vibe!  My room was equipped with a mini kitchen which was nice and almost made me feel that I could possibly be at home.  Accommodating staff aside, The Alamo Motel is a comfortable walking distance to local restaurants and breweries, allowing for some perfect beer or wine flights with a tasty pizza and just the type of place one would like to say when they need to escape the demands of city life that can often drain us if we allow it to.Processed with Snapseed.P1000416 (1)P1000411P1000471P1000398P1000418P1000396

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