There are always pluses and minuses when traveling solo; a plus, you have the ability to set your own itinerary.  Minuses, trying to stumble across a good restaurant/bar where you’re not the subject of attention because you are by yourself!  Anyone who has ever traveled by themselves or hell, moved to a new city where you know completley no one knows that you have to take a big gulp and just put yourself out there because what is the better option, sitting in your hotel room ordering over priced room service while you tune into your Netflix?P1000062P1000093P1000115My first few seconds in Mexico didn’t start out too smoothly, for starters, I had forgot to notify my bank of my travels which caused a bit of a hiccup but once I got that sorted out, I was ready to take on the city!  Traveling from the airport to my first destination of Colonia Condesa was rather eye catching for me; I watched street peddlers zooming across the street selling bottled waters and offering to wash the windows of cars in less than fifteen seconds, traffic was worse than that in Los Angeles, the sky was heavy and thick with smog but once I arrived to my hotel, I was in awe!  The streets were vibrant; colorful homes that match the color of pleasant pedestrians walking and bicycling in the streets.  Vendors selling fresh fruits and candies on practically every corner.  The sounds of traffic mixed with the calming sounds of peace while strolling through the various parks that seemed to be a theme in Mexico City.  I loved every moment of walking around the streets of Condesa, Colonia Roma and Polanco.  The food was outstanding as was the art displayed in large museums as well as smaller galleries but what I loved most was the culture!  Unlike some cities that offer a melting pot of diversity, Mexico City is not that and I am perfectly fine with it!  I will definitely return with hopes of having conversations (my spanish skills are not the greatest) while also exploring other parts of Mexico. P1000096P1000260P1000264P1000279P1000160P1000176P1000308For more on my Mexico City travels including restaurant guides, check it out here

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