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So, I did not have the pleasure of dining at Rosetta (although I came close; close being I had a table, sat at that table and quickly got up from the table because I did not feel like dining alone) anyway, I was minding my business taking photos of the exteriors of the restaurant when a kind wait staff ushered me inside to take more photos…I was shocked but so happy at the same time because something like that would not fly in the states!  I quickly took a few shots of a beautifully empty restaurant which satisfied my craving more than food could but who am I kidding, I will definitely return for the food!P1000157

Panaderia Rosetta
La Casa Nostra

This is what happens when you don’t rely on social media or food reviews but rather observe the restaurant crowd, which was the case for my coming to stumble across La Casa Rostra, a dimly lit restaurant in Colonia Roma where seafood and pizza seem to be the theme and outside seating offers you endless amazement of the passerby’s!P1000182P1000297Street tacos are always a favorite and while you might not catch one from a street vendor, do head to Taqueria El Turix for tacos y panochos!P1000302

Aqua & Sal

Another restaurant I randomly stumbled across that was comfortably across the street from the Hyatt Regency where I was staying!  Do order the ceviche tropical! And while the esquites con camaron was a bit too heavy to enjoy alone, it was a very nice twist on the classic elotes!P1000079P1000083

El Moro

P1000151 (1)P1000152I definitely feel in love with this mini cafe located in Colonia Condesa!

Caffe Biscottino

If you are staying in Polanco, do make a visit to this small cafe for a rich espresso and tasty pastries!


Rooftop at Condesa DF

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Gin Gin

Sex swanky and known for a mean Gin cocktail (hence the name) go with a group of friends or for a nice date or if you are courageous enough to go solo (such as I did) brush up on your Spanish, take a seat at the bar and start chatting it up with the bartenders to learn where some other great spots are in Mexico City!



Casa Nuevo Leon

A budget friendly boutique hotel, I enjoyed Casa Nuevo Leon for its central location and super helpful staff but I will honestly say, if you want to enjoy peaceful sleep come night fall, do request a top floor room!  The noise from the accompany bar below as well as hearing the staff close the bar did not make for a peaceful nights sleep!  Also, this is a boutique hotel and you often pay for what you get so, if other guest are strolling in at wee hours of the night, you will most likely hear them unless it takes a splash of icy cold water to awake you from your slumber or if you plan on enjoying Mexico City’s night life as well, then by all means, this is your spot!P1000196

Hyatt Regency Mexico City

An amazing hotel where I was able to enjoy sleeping in, ordering room service and have the most accommodating hotel staff to assist you and a comfortable walk to Polanco’s bustling restaurants!P1000133

Condesa DF


Art / History


Museo de Antropologia




Palacio de Correros de Mexico

 If you are like me, you may be able to manage seeing all of Zocalo in under 30 minutes…my time was short in this downtown square filled with beautiful old architecture and also where you can see the flag being raised early in the morning and pulled down later in the evening…it was short because quite frankly, I’m not excited about massive crowds but do make sure you visit Palacio de Correros de Mexico a photo can never do it justice!  Museo Nacional de Antropologia is another great place but if you want to take in something other than a large museum, find a local gallery to explore, such as I did.  I definitely recommend OMR a beautiful space with great curation of contemporary artwork!  I unfortunately did not make it to the Frida Kahlo museum or Pyramid of the Sun but possibly on my next trip back!

CULTUREP1000174P1000187P1000185Do visit the local street markets for some local treasures, Mexican candies and possibly the best tacos to hit your taste buds!  I noticed that Colonia Roma and Polanco offer a pretty substantial street market…Colonia Roma offers theirs on Thursday right off of Nuevo Leon while Polanco’s was on Saturday right near Parque Lincoln (another location to walk and explore)

SHOPP1000114 (1)P1000281

Cafebreria El Pendulo

P1000257P1000121Now, you could easily head over to Polanco where luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Bulgari await you or you can head to Colonia Roma to shop local gems such as Trux to purchase jewelry made my Mexican jewelry designers, 180 or Cafebreria El Pendulo for coffee, literature and the hopes of catching a local band playing on the third floor!

There is an endless amount to explore while in Mexico City; the food alone will have you with days booked of incredible restaurants to try but for me, it was all about exploring the city as a local!  Hitting up those much needed spots but then getting lost, allowing myself to roam and completly take in this beautiful city!


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