I wasn’t really sure about the title of the post because it isn’t necessarily a travel destination post per say but rather me sharing one of my much needed random excursions instead of handling my domesticated duties of laundry and grocery shopping.  There was actually more to this post starting with me sharing an exciting workshop I attended last week and getting personal due to that workshop but because I accidentally deleted the photos for that said post, that will come later!  P1000007P1000009P1000010P1000016So, I went to Malibu for the first time ever and needless to say, it wasn’t the Malibu experience I was hoping for, that was probably due to not having a concise game plan other than heading to Malibu Farms Pier Cafe which was sadly closed today and I didn’t want to dine at the restaurant solo.  I will say it was quite beautiful taking in the full blooms that California has had the pleasure of receiving due to massive rain this winter.  Even though this trip wasn’t as expected, it was nice just to get away and explore something new, something I feel we lack doing when we live only minutes away from the city we never explored.P1000015P1000012P1000011P1000019

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