I desired nothing more but to take a road trip; a euphoric playlist to keep me company as I ventured off to one of my favorite places for connectivity…Joshua Tree…with nothing more to do but to drive the long winded road, stop for sights, meditate or camp if you chose to do so, I was at peace.  But before heading to Joshua Tree, I needed to stimulate my senses so,  I made a slight detour to explore Pioneertown, an off the beaten town in Yucca Valley that was less ghost town vibes and more quaint old town…

img_2496img_2498img_2505img_2501img_2507img_2502img_2503img_2506img_2509img_2499img_2510img_2511img_2518img_2522img_2530img_2528img_2532img_2524All photos by Alquista Ryans, please do not use photos without permission

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