L.A is suffocating.  I needed to get out, if only for a short minute because while I have gotten my groove in this city and I quite love it for all it’s worth, every once in a while, a break is needed!  I settled on San Diego, a city I had a very short term relationship with (six months to be exact..gasp!) but decided to reconcile and see what potential it may have.



Like all places I visit, I relied on public transportation, San Diego especially because it is too large of a city to walk from neighborhood to neighborhood.  I was suprinsgly shocked at how easy it was to navigate this city using public transportation, that and the fact that a seven dollar bus pass gives you a whole days worth of travel, made it extremely affordable too!  Like any trip, coffee comes first and before I get into detail, I need to go on the record to say I never complain or talk negatively about a place because in my opinion, it holds no value on my post…with that said, let me begin with my first coffee excursion to Holsem Coffee, a minimal/modern coffee shop located in the North Park neighborhood…now, maybe it was because of my five am wake-up call making me yearn for something strong or the hazlenut milk I decided to try instead of my trusted almond milk but, I was not impressed with my latte…I know, I know but, don’t shoot the messenger!  Besides that, everything was wonderful; from the interiors to the service to what I observed as having a local charm in the neighborhood and if I had the opportunity to go back, I definitely would with the intentions of trying something different on the menu.

I spied a cute little cafe on my way to Holsem Coffee and decided to take the short walk to discover Communal Coffee; a coffee shop shared with a floral boutique built with a spacious communal area where you can sip, kick back and work while admiring the barista’s and florist do their thing!  I settled on a macchiato and it was just what I needed; bold, rich and smooth paired with a nice glass of sparkling water to balance it out, I knew I could get through the next few hours of my day!


I headed towards Pacific Beach and instantly had nightmares of PB Bar and Grill, a bar I would go to from time to time with friends and always questioned “why am I here?”  But I wanted fish tacos ’cause “when in San Diego”…and I wanted to chill for a second at the beach!  I discovered Oscar’s Mexican Seafood from Life & Thyme  and while the battered fish tacos were good, the spicy grilled shrimp tacos were beyond satisfying, wishing I had ordered two instead of one.   img_2290




The highlight of my day was none other than a trip to Old Town San Diego! I was enchanted by the feeling I got walking from Spanish pueblos to old town saloons; workers rushing past in period clothing reminiscent of the wild west, shops set up to mimic the general stores of its time, peeking in secret rooms that looked like an episode from Little House on the Prairie.  It was nice to actually be a tourist for once, camera dangling from my arm so I can snap photos at random.  I hadn’t been to Old Town San Diego since I was a child and I could honestly say, I could’ve spent most of my day here just enjoying the moment.

I checked the time realizing my day was coming to an end and hunger was approaching once again so, with my Life & Thyme San Diego article still in mind, I headed to Little Italy to dine at Ironside Fish & Oyster  and all I am going to say about this establishment is GO!!! And if you happen to get to enjoy happy hour, even better!  img_2317

San Diego is definitely what I remember it to be, laid back filled with families and students…a rather relaxed city where even their downtown area doesn’t quite feel like your typical downtown because it is modestly calm!  San Diego is a perfect little get away when you feel like Los Angeles is suffocating you.img_2323

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