As a kid, I was always excited to go on a field trip…being able to see something new…to have my mind stimulated by the new sights!  As an adult, we travel to new countries or cities…this is now the grown up version of a field trip but I felt that I needed to reconnect myself with this city I call home because there are so many sights to be seen, restaurants to try and coffee shops to get my caffeine fix at!

I frequent DTLA often, usually to run a quick errand and then head back to the comforts of my neighborhood but today, I wanted to explore Downtown Los Angeles like a tourist instead of a hurried Los Angeleno that I’ve become.  Rather than take in new restaurants, I went back to places that I have come to enjoy yet haven’t made it a point to revisit.  Madame Monsieur is one of those places, with an early bird special of an egg muffin with ham and gruyere, it wasn’t hard for me to start the morning early to enjoy this breakfast charmer!  After, I made my way to the newest Blue Bottle Coffee located next to the iconic Bradbury Building and not to give anything away, the space is incredible!  A vast space with ample seating in a classic minimal decor that could only be of the Blue Bottle aesthetic.



img_2454I spent the remainder of the morning checking out The Last Bookstore and Formerly Yes before heading for an early lunch at Cento Pasta Bar.  While only my second time trying this restaurant, it is becoming one of my favorite places!  The feeling of being transported to another country upon entry, the sounds of the outside world quickly disappearing as you take a seat at the bar, watching the chef create pasta magic!  The menu is very minimal and the dishes are small which is great because it allows you to try multiple pasta dishes if you are game!  After DTLA, I went to West Hollywood and before I start off with the why’s, I have to admit West Hollywood is my least favorite neighborhood in Los Angeles.  For starters, it is congested and I feel that you get lost in the shuffle (or just annoyed by the traffic) that you feel the need to get in and get out!  But I wanted to check out the David Hockney exhibit at Taschen so, I bit my tongue and made my way west!  My field trip ended with a quick stop to Fairfax Village to enjoy my final coffee of the day at Paramount Coffee Projects.img_2497



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