“The most rewarding is getting to know my followers and the times that I actually get to meet them in real life.  Knowing that I am not alone in motherhood and that I have other mommy friends that are doing their best in raising bad ass children.”  Not only is Moni of Mini Muse Blog stylish in here own right but, her mini muses have to be the raddest little humans that have ever graced my Instagram feed.  Stylish and witty, discover more about Moni, including here favorite spots in L.A because really, who doesn’t love a tip from a local!

Where are your top five favorite places to go in L.A and why, if any reason?img_2211

The Platform (Culver City) I looooooove the Platform because its made for shoppers like myself (kid friendly).  I can shop at amazing shops like Freda Salvador, have a nostalgic cup of coffee at Blue Bottle, cruise through an art show at Tappen Collectives and eat some killer tacos with the girls at Loqui.

img_6303Esquelito (Echo Park) We used to live next to the original Esquelito in Oakland.  I would walk there at least once a week with baby Lucia and stare at all the beautiful jewelry.  My husband bought my engagement ring there from my favorite designer Satomi Kawakita.  We later bought his ring at the Echo Park location, also by Satomi Kawakita and now I like to keep that shop as our little special spot.  The decor is how I strive my home to look.


Geffen Contemporary Museum.  A good friend and client of mine is the curator of the MOCA.  She showers me with passes to the museum so Hans and I have been having day dates when the girls are in school.  The most recent exhibit that I was waiting for and fell in love with was Doug Aitken.

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar (Downtown or Sawtelle) because who doesn’t love sushi when it’s only $2.50 and it’s revolving around your table?  Cheap and easy and the girls love it equals total win for my family!

Annenberg Beach House, I couldn’t finish this question without putting the beach in here somewhere.  This spot should actually be our top!  One of the most beautiful beaches in L.A, playground, splash pad, pool, restaurant and booze all on the same beach.  It’s pure heaven for the fan bam!

How did Mini Muse come about and what inspires you when gathering content for your site?

img_2153Mini Muse was born almost 6 years ago.  I just had my first born, Lucia and Instagram was the newest thing on social media.  I was on maternity leave with a new child and found this small community of mothers on IG celebrating motherhood, I was hooked!

What inspires me are my “Mini Muses” Lucia (5 years old) and Johana (3).  Being a stylist at Barneys, I am constantly seeing the newest trends in fashion.  Trying to stay on top of the next big thing, whether it be a new haircut, new velvet boots or the hottest sunglasses.  My children are trendy little girls but not because I try to make them that way but because it’s what I do for a living!  I don’t believe in kids clothes or adult clothes, I believe in fashion.  If velvet is what’s in for Fall 2016, then velvet is what I am wearing and so are my girls!

Do you have any tips for other bloggers especially mom bloggers like yourself?

Since I work full time and am a mom full time, time management is key!  I constantly have clients texting me while I am at drop off for school or preparing lunches but, I try to only wear one hat at a time.  Mini Muse is the only constant but quite honestly, it’s my favorite hobby!  I enjoy snapping pictures of my girls and styling them out because I get to see them shine through the lens.  So to love what you are doing and have fun with it is my best tip!  Oh, and note with kids you only get a 5-10 minute window so snap your photo fast!

I know some parents are concerned with privacy, did you ever have any hesitations about that with Mini Muse?

I am definitely very cautious about that.  Each girl use to have their own blog until someone stole one of my pictures of Lucia when she was two.  So, I immediately killed both blogs and took all their pictures down.  Now with Instagram, my account is open to the public but you will notice that my number of followers is fairly low compared to other bloggers.  That’s mainly because I check out every single person that follows us and block about 10-15 people daily.  I honestly feel like I know my followers and I trust my IG community to let me know when they’ve seen someone steal a picture.  So, if you’re some personal trainer in L.A with big muscles trying to get a new client out of me, it is not going to happen.  Blocked!

What is your recipe to style?

img_0221My recipe to style is buy whatever makes you smile, cheesy but true!  For me personally, I’m very minimal with accessories so, I make up for it with big silhouettes and bold prints. I loooooove a good short baby doll dress and black flats (taking that look to the grave with me) For my clients, I style a lot of artistic people so, bold prints and colors are always easy and fun!  Non-traditional shapes and silhouettes are a fav of mine.  When I have a client looking for something “sexy” low cut, show my ass…”I turn my screensaver mode on.

You have lived in SF and L.A, what do you love about L.A and what do you miss about S.F?

I love L.A for the beaches and taco trucks on every corner!  I miss simply walking in SF.  Feeling my body heat rising while walking up those hills but my nose still freezing from low temperature of the weather.  And layering!!!

L.A is filled with so many sights but, what is one highly rated tourist spot that everyone must visit in L.A?

Well quite honestly, I’ve lived in L.A for about two years now and haven’t seen much.  I’m the girl that still has a full list in my notes of places I need to see.  So for me, one place I really want to go to is Chateau Marmot.

What does the future look like for Mini Muse?

The future for Mini Muse is to be styling only my mini muses on a daily and to be running my online shop.

Make sure to check out more of Mini Muse here

All photos are by Alquista Ryans unless otherwise noted, please do not use photos without permission

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