By Alquista Ryans guided by Helen Yu

“7×7 miles of good food and microclimates, and only an hour car ride away from wine country!” is the reason Helen Yu of What Helen Wore Today, loves San Francisco and how can you argue with that! 

We plan our trips with all of the main attractions we want to see highlighted and a lengthy list of the most popular restaurants to try but, there is something so unique when it comes to experiencing a new city (or maybe it’s a city you have visited before but just rushed through it), from a locals perspective!  Venturing off into foreign neighborhoods, trying some of the “best kept secret “ restaurants that only most locals would know about and shopping at charming boutiques.   A style maven, career woman, wife and mother to one of the most adorable little girls with an Instagram page offering both drool worthy, “make you want to lick your phone” delicious food and her stylish looks, Helen provided me with a guide to some of her San Francisco favorites as well as her recipe to style and more!

Where are your top five favorite places to go in SF?img_2041For Food:

Brunch at 20th Century Cafe, dinner at Mister Jiu’s, sushi at Omakase or Ju-ni, weekly addiction at Souvla and Noma dessert at In-Situ

For Shopping:

Lisa Says Gah (online but founded in SF!), Anaise, Modern Clothing (MAC) and Eden & Eden (curated vintage!)

Modern Appealing Clothing
Eden & Eden

How did what Helen Wore Today Come About

Photo provided by Helen Yu

I had friends that would ask me where I shop or where I got a certain piece of clothing/bag etc so, I decided to start a blog conveniently titled “What Helen Wore Today” that documented my outfits.

I think my blog became more popular once I got pregnant and started to showcase my bump outfits.  Again, for me, it was a way to document that special moment/stage in my life.  My blog has become my own fashion journal!

Can you offer any tips for a new blogger (managing time, managing personal life etc.)?

As cliche as it sounds, my advice for new bloggers would be to do what you love and love what you do!  If you’re passionate about the story, the topic, the idea of your blog then it seems less like managing “work” and more like sharing an “experience”.  Be authentic!

What is your recipe for style?

Just like my blog: be true to yourself!  Wear things that bring you joy and comfort!

Besides the obvious reasons for visiting SF, what would people experience if they traveled away from the tourist crowds and deep into the arms of SF?img_0758Andy Goldsworthy’s wood line at Presido, new SF MOMA museum (eat at In-Situ!), Golden Gate Park Botanical Garden, Golden Gate Bridge view from Chrissy Field, rope swing at Billy Goat Hill

Check out more of Helen’s stylish looks here

All photos, unless otherwise stated, are by Alquista Ryans.  Please do not use photos without permission.

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