Oakland, CA October 2, 2016

She craved a deeper love, something that had been missing during her time in L.A and reasons for the trip back home to The Bay.  She was eager to see the culture change her friends had spoke of in regards to Oakland and while she had discovered that North Oakland had become a bit different; the sea of blackness that once was seemed as if there were a drought, Lake Merritt still provided that diversified essence of cool that she remembered! The creative juices began to surge through her body, electrifying her passion to do more, to become more because this was once her land of milk and honey!

Let me take you on a journey to some of my favorite Oakland spots as well as new ones!

Lake Merrittimg_8507

Oaktown Spice Shop 546 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA

The Sacred Well 536 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA

Lakeshore Cafe 3257 Lakeshore Ave. Oakland, CA

Room 389 389 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA

Also Try:

Boot and Shoe Service 3308 Grand Ave Oakland, CA

Arizmendi Bakery 3265 Lakeshore Ave. Oakland, CA

Grand Lake Kitchen 576 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA

Downtown Oakland


Coloso Coffee 1715 Webster St. Oakland, CA

Also Check out Uptown Oakland

Make Westing 1741 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA

Cafe Van Kleef 1621 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA

Hopscotch  1915 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA

And do check out a show at the Fox Theatre…it’s an amazing venue for concerts!


MacArthur Bart Station
Arbor Cafe 4210 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94609

Temescal Alley

Doughnut Dolly 482 B 49th St. Oakland, CA

Also Try:

Aunt Mary’s Cafe 4640 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA

Bakesale Betty 5098 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA

North Oakland


Issues 20 Glen Ave. Oakland, CA 94611

Blue Bottle Coffee 4270 Broadway Ave. Oakland, CA

Also try:

Fentons Creamery 4226 Piedmont Ave. Oakland, CA

Mama’s Royal Cafe 4012 Broadway Oakland, CA

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza 5801 College Ave. Oakland, CA



Not Shown Jack London Square

Chop Bar 247 4th St. #111 Oakland, CA

Plank 98 Broadway Oakland, CA

Blue Bottle Coffee 300 Webster St. Oakland, CA

#LetMeBeYourGuide #EmbraceYourSolo

All photos, unless otherwise stated were taken by Alquista Ryans for boulevard no.32.  Please do not use photos without permission






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