Big Sur, California October 1, 2016img_2050It’s something that your heartbeats for

Take me to your love

Quadron-Average Fruit

img_2078img_2072img_2127Turn turn away

From the sound of your own voice

Calling no one, just a silence

Beck-Turn Away

img_2115I don’t wanna be a star

But a stone on the shore

Long door, frame the wall

When everything’s overgrown

James Blake-Overgrown

img_2082I started, a new life

On the internet

But not because, I don’t like what I’ve got

I just, feel like it’s time

Alex Cameron-Internetimg_2102

Time passes in the constant state

James Blake – Overgrownimg_2094Wild rose

Jericho sun

And, everyday stone

For your love

For your lover to find

Haitus Kaiyote-Breathing Underwater

img_2085And when the sun runs out

No doubts left standing

Would it be different if we knew we would win

Let love slip through our fingers I say

Live up, live up, live up

Res – Let Love

All photos, unless otherwise stated, were take by Alquista Ryans for boulevard no.32.  Please do not use photos without permission

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