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I knew I was about to embark on a coffee journey when I entered GiorgiPorgi; the moss covered entry led me into a cold and grey narrow concrete space with its matching concrete bar but the laughter and engagement from the early morning crowd made this place feel far from intimidating and quite welcoming.

“What are you having.” asked the cute barista as I quickly glanced at the menu above her head and stated, “A latte.” “For here or to go?”  Being that I had drove 30 minutes to get here, I was definitely not taking my latte to go! “For here” I said.

I took the barista’s cue and grabbed a seat at the bar and instantly felt like I was morphed into a modern day scene from Cheers, everybody seemed to know everybody and while I was clearly the newcomer, I didn’t feel excluded.

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My latte was served in a heavy ceramic cup that was made to be tilted, but I kept mine upright and seconds later, a chocolate covered Pocky stick was placed on top…a chocolate flavored Pocky stick, now that’s a first but I love Pocky and enjoyed it while sipping on my latte, taking in the conversations that were taking place.  Next came the donuts, another thing I have a problem saying no to and before I could say “No, thanks” a donut hole was placed upon a Pocky stick a la cake pop and I ate it up because who says no to the pocky/donut collab.

My interest wasn’t in learning what type of coffee was being served or even when GiorgiPorgi had opened (which I believe has been open since July but don’t quote me on that) but rather taking in the vibes that one can rarely receives at other coffee shops; with bodies hunched over their laptops and no music to be heard, just silence and a few low spoken conversations.  GiorgiPorgi is the opposite of all of that!  Besides the epic moss covered wall that forces you to stand back and snap a picture, the music that can be heard is a nice change.

All in all, my experience at GiorgioPorgi was unlike any other coffee shop experience.


137 E. 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90013




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