When I first relocated back to Los Angeles, making frequent trips to downtown didn’t seem like a journey but rather an exhilarating experience that I desired!  Maybe it was because I still needed to feel that thrive of city life that I used to get from San Francisco or it was possibly because I really loved the real energy that rises from this concrete jungle.  I walk aimlessly around, with no real reason of being there other than the fact that I love the silent stories being told.  Peaking through the windows of the countless jewelry stores lining Hill Street to see jewelry dealers selling gold and diamonds to people who have probably worked hard to treat themselves or that special someone in their lives to a gift of luxury.  Rushing my way past men in suits and women click clacking about in their heels to get to The Los Angeles Flower mart so that I can buy the well priced floral’s before they close for the day.  Exploring the art; whether it be at The Broad or the graffiti that lives on the streets or making its presence known on the historical buildings.  Making a wrong turn and having to think quick and fast about how to casually get myself out of a sticky situation.  I live for this type of liveliness, a feeling I will not get anywhere else in Los Angeles because the people and the emotions are different!  When in DTLA, you don’t need a reason to be there other than to get lost in the sights and sounds of everyday people that await you but when you are there, naturally you need to take in all the adventures, the amazing food, the music being played from all the shops on Broadway, just feel the energy!  It is truly a magical place to be, a place that I am constantly wondering about and getting lost in the ways of its culture, its beauty!


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